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They showed a clip of it on CMT Insider. Shania does some swing dancing in a bar, with alot of other dancers. It looked very country and western. I didn't notice any hip-hop looks or styles.

Shania is dancing with guys in the bar, and in the bar are also a bunch of TV screens with Shania singing on them. So the video cuts between the bar and the video screens.

She wears a couple different outfits. One is blue jeans, a long white frilly top, and an orange cowboy hat. Another is black jeans, a lowcut black fringy top, and a dark cowboy hat.

It looks like she's really sassy in the vid. She sticks her tongue out to the camera in one scene.

In another scene, where she's wearing the black lowcut top, she takes both of her hands and grabs her boobs and shakes them and lifts them up and down!

This video looks like a hoot, guys!
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