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Dolly rocks!!!!

Chicago opening

"She is a knockout!" Dolly

"She's sexy, I love her voice"-Billy Currington.

"Shattered the stereotype of what a county female looks like"

She deserves everything she has--Mark

"One of the reigning diva's of country music"

"Poor...we didn't eat"-Shania

Shania had music to feed her family and her soul.

"She doesn't want to be a celebrity, there is an inner part of herself she will never reveal"

Shania talks about her biological father, she says "They were apart before I could even know him"

Shania smiles when talking about her dad (Jerry). She says her mom found a stage for her, anywhere she could perform.

There is a lot of stuff we have seen at the STC.

Tammy Wynette, Dolly, Loretta, Shania sites all these artists as her influences.

Dolly said she got choked up when she found out how much of an influence she was to Shania.

Music was a great escape for when things got tough.

Love the pics of a very little Shania smiling. (it has only gotten bigger)

LONGSHOT...Jean Paul interview
Tells the story he told us in Timmins.
Played at JP's lounge.

I can't tell where the interview was done, the background was too tight.

Jerry found a job he loved, and that was the reforestation. Shania loved working with her dad. A lot of who Shania is, is because of her dad's influence.

He taught her to love the outdoors, love music.

and why does this having me tear up???

Shania's Place
Shania: often imitated, never duplicated!!

"...Living, Loving, Laughing and Dreaming....."-Shania Twain
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