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Lots of factors play a part in success, or the degree of success. People fall through the cracks, etc.

More chicago stuff.

Shania thought after her first album, that maybe that would be it.

Shania was happy working in clubs. Shania was writing, etc.

Shania always had a back up plan... LKL didn't let her finish

Shania wanted to record her own songs, get on the radio, etc Shania would always sneak in her own music

Her education in live performance

The way Shania is talking about music, she knows her stuff, Rap to Country.

This is like watching Beauty and the Beast.

Shania met her biological father once when she was a teen, because of her grandma. It was awkward, Shania was 13.

Shania talks about her real dad, and now LKL brings up the heritage thing, what an idiot.


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