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Martha enters.....crowds applauds...

I had such a wonderful time this weekend...we had our guest today, she came out to Bedford to horse ride..[FV: I Told you so!!!] we had breakfast at the stables and at the barn...they went horsebackriding at a house..I had not met her before...she is wonderfully smart woman, she is very curuoius she visited my greenhouse, we talked about where she lives, about her dreams, her life is a true inspiration to overcome obstacles which is inspirational..

[showing tape of Shania's career..videos..IANQ, MIFLAW...Martha comments about provocative sense of style..Shania is a true story..talks about her early days...bla bla...parents and caring for her siblings..discovered at Deerhurst...met Mutt....WIM COO..sales...UP! video..Shania has sold over 70 M albums..won every award in nashville..]

SAY Welcome to the very beautiful and talented Shania!
[Shania enters with gray colored sweatshirt...and brown pants..]

M: you looked different from Sunday..the horse did not behave of the horses they used was not behaving..we did not fall off like Madonna..!
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