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Shania: I ride when I have the chance..

[Video about Shania meeting Martha at the stables..they are dressed to ride the horses very cute! with the helmets...Shania's horse was causing troubles..Martha said it was attacked or something like that..]

M: I bought these horses in keep your horses in Switzerland..

S: I enjoy it..

M: the John Jay House, founding father, the first Chief Justice of the US...

S: You have aprivately owned property..

M: we can stop at my house on the way..[keep showing the two of them riding the black horses...]

M: Enchanted Castle..
S: I can come to write a few songs here..
M: do you write the music first or the songs..
S: it's like cooking you do not know what you are gonna get..LMAO! at least for me..!

M: were you surprised that you sold 10 with WIM?
S: The bioggest selling artist now sells 3 M ..if I achieved that I was gonna be surprised...

M: Your COO album sold many more...
S: I have been very lucky..
M: So many of your songs have meant so much to many of us..when you record a song and sells it, it becomes part of everyone's life..
S: Music means so muc to the songwriting is my diary..they become other people thoughts and emotions..everyperson owns a song..

M:When we come back I'll show Shania how mke the perfect sandwoich...

[video: and then Shania will do the putine with mozzarella cheese and gravy..yuk!]
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