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Back from commercial..

Shania is now wearing a white apron

M: what about Switzerland...cheese sandwiches?

S: croque messier....grilled cheese Canada we have chcocaltew and grilled cheese sandwiches..

M: cut the Ciabatta..not too thin...not too thick..
S: Shania panicks..LMAO! I never help people in the kitchen..YIKES!

M: If you liek can put that..are you a vegetarian? Do not thorw the inside you like to butter the sandiwch?

S: butter, cheese and another piece of cheese with butter..with cheddar cheese...
M: yeak cheddar
S: You can mix the cheeses..
M: then tomatoes..{FV: I am getting hungry here looking at the sandwich.. ] a tat for flavor
S: is it salted butter?
M: can put a little bit of basil..
S: an italian style..
M: it's like panini like..[FV: ikt looks very BIG for a sandwich..LMAO!]

M: now we grill the sandwich..
S: whole grain bread, cheddar, I put the cheese in it and then a lid on the pants so the cheese starts come out ...[giving directions to Martha about how to make the cheese come out]

M: shows the grilled sandiwch..
S: it's a gourmet sandwich..
M: you are presenting at the CMA..what>
S: I am presenting EOTY..I am not telling you who is nominated..with Billy
M: he was my neighbor...
S: lucky you..
M: he used to come over to check the's going to be a late night..
S: I am not much of a party person..

{Later for the putine..coming up and Shania taking questions from the LIVE audience..!!]

FV: Martha is speaking very very fast....even for!
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