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M: do you know how to make gravy? I have never made putine before...
S: have you ever heard of poutine.[crowd says YEAH!]

S: because I am vegetarian we are doing this version of the gravy..
M: so this is the Canadian junk food?
S: confort food...
M: do you french fry these?
S: I would deep fry them..
M: So Wes and Angie decided to do oven you want to discuss the gravy?
S: my gravy is too complicated..
M: you can use white mushrooms, the history of poutine, people put cheese in with fries...and someone said it was gonna be a big mess, which is what putine means..?
S: do not know..I use white wine...for the gravy..
M: Did you talk to Shania about her recipe? Wes?
Wes: yes I did..
S: I use thyme..
M: the mushrooms and do you assemble this?
S: it's very basic..what really melts the cheese it's the gravy on top..fondue...
M: so we got the gravy..
S: I do it differently..
M: do you make Swiss dishes? do you have a cook?
S: yes, to the dishes, no to the cook ..I spent the whole day before I left preparing everything..peas, rices, soup, pumpkin soup...
[FV: the poutine looks really good!]

S: you gotta use your fingers to put the mozzarella on it really hot? It's got to be really hot..
M: now the gravy on top..everyone in the audience wants to eat this..when we come back Shania is going to take questions from the audience..

[announcer: later Shania and her frangrance..]
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