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We just got word that Shania has added "42nd Annual CMA Awards" as a top friend on her myspace. She, or her people, are either really getting a kick out of teasing us or she is trying to drop hints that she is going to be the presenter.

Rumors are on overdrive that she is the presenter! We'll talk about this all tonight on Broadway's show.

Oh and one last CMA detail. Gab is reporting that Reba is going to duet with B&D on "Cowgirls Don't Cry". This is shaping up to either one great awards show or the most rumored and talked about one in quite some time.

So who knows...maybe she will be there. I'm still hoping she will be there but if she isn't I'll wait until she does appear somewhere. At least we have had something to talk about for the last couple of weeks! And Shania goes in and out of airports all the time without being photographed. She is very good at not being seen when she does not want to be seen. For example just think about how many pictures of her were taken while being pregnant? Oh yeah and how many baby pictures of Eja were taken?...and mind you they traveled all around when he was a baby. She is great at not being seen!
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