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“You came to me and you said, ‘Uh, I’m gonna do this but I’m not quite sure,’” he tells Twain. “And now we’re sitting here tonight after the session. If you’re not quite sure now, then something seriously is wrong with you because you nailed it. First of all, I just want to thank you for – after all of this time off, pondering – that you chose this route back in.”

“This was a very scary experience,” Twain admits. “C’mon, I mean this is a song — I don’t know — it’s an iconic song. You’re an icon. How could I put myself in a scarier situation?” Based on the footage and the sound of the single, it seems that Twain should put herself in terrifying situations more often. She definitely delivered. After some time recording vocals with the famous female country star, Richie offers, “Welcome back, Shania. Welcome back, and by the way, I told you so.”

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