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It was really great but also deadly cold! The temperature with the windchill was -40C!!! We were front row, Shania went by us on the left to get up to the stage...there were a tons of news crews and photographers, there will be plenty of pictures online, check also the main Canadian TV channels like CTV, to see the videos..The Canadian Press also interviewed us...I did not even bother to take out my camera, there was no way that it was going to work and by that time my fingers were not even moving! LOL! Shania stopped twice for the media to take good pictures of her, she gave a very moving speech of how she is happy to do this, she called it the highlight of her life..the crowd was fantastic to her: they loved her!
Clearly, Shania looked very, very happy, she is back to be herself, her real self how we knew her, and even greater than that she truly enjoyed the crowd that showed up for her: she is ready to connect again with the crowds of her fans. I am sure she will have a video of her run today at her Fan Club's website as well....
A great Shania moment, and I am getting really optimistic about the future...
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