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Trust me Sheri and Steve it ain't about speed! It's about slow progressive persistence. I see many folks running/walking for benefits who walk the entire race and have a blast.
On the club issue, I have a marathon in Phoenix this next weekend but I'd really love to start the club UP! before my next marathon in late April. That's the "Country Music Marathon" in Nashville! I'm gona start the fund raising part of it myself if there's no interest in the club per say thru bringing the issue to the attention of my patients and drug reps in the office who have an interest in getting involved by donating some money to the charity for the miles I'm gona be putting in at that race. If nothing else I'll be wearing a tee shirt with Shania on it for that race-that'll get em riled UP! in Nashville. DOC
You touched a thousand hearts tonight, touched us one by one.
Songs that reached so deep inside to warm us like the sun.
Tonight was just one lyric in the ballad of your time,
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