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Just got back from the "Rock and Roll Marathon" in Phoenix AZ-it was pretty awesome. There was alot of fund raising going on as part of the event. If your interested in the concept check out "Team in Training". This is a group that has raised hundreds of millions for their charity ( This group obviously is well developed and has been around for a while but let me tell these folks have a blast. They travel all over and meet up, have a great time, and support a great cause. I'd sure like to see a "Team Shania" come to be. The web site for the Country Music Marathon in Nashville in April is if you wanna check it out. DOC
You touched a thousand hearts tonight, touched us one by one.
Songs that reached so deep inside to warm us like the sun.
Tonight was just one lyric in the ballad of your time,
A never-ending song of love and the reason for your rhyme.

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