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My idea is, that you could start it with a connection to Second Harvest, afterall, I guess, that's where the money would go. They may could provide you all the help you need to lift a thing like that, and they have offices all over the country. It doesn't mean your charity would not be independent, but they already have some proved logistics.

They also may be a connection to Shania, though I think, it would be better to reach her or through the STC or through her menagement for this cause. I don't think there should be any problem from Shania side, and she likes Dax's cartoons. But I think, you should ask her only when most of the ends were tided up, for her to be sure this is a serious thing.

As for the name, I think if you want Shania's name being a part of it, then you may give a couple of choices for her to choose with which she's the most comfortable.

Good luck, I am with you in my soul, because boy, I hate running.
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