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I dont think is anything but stupid Ceasers!!! If you look at her website it says Ceasers on her website!!! This will be be a huge disappointment to me, I severely think it a wrong move!!! I do think a few country/pop/dance/rock singles, I do think we should get to see an few good albums, I do think we should see Shania back ontop the charts, making history again, break records etc etc all on her own!!! all by herself!!! I would be terribly upset to have to travel so far to see a concert I already seen a few times with the same songs over and over!!! New music, New material, New album would make Shania better.. In all reality we have the same songs to sing over and over, its time for a fresh new start!!! I dont like the looks of stupid Ceasers!!! its not a career move I would make right now, it means simply retired from touring, from making albums like her idol Dolly is doing and like Reba, Cher, Madonna, and the legends have made over the years!!! I hope so hope it is new materail, new album and not stupid CEASERS!!! Shania deserves to be back ontop, back in the spotlight with new material, new music!!! and why would she make the announcement @ the same place the CMT AWARDS will be @!!!! Why not Ceasers, If it looks like it would be Ceasers??? GRRR I hate this being patient, I have been patient for 7 years and no new music, songs, albums and etc etc lol
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