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Shania Request Lines!

Hey guys! I figure all of us should get together and post the toll free numbers and e-mail addys of all the local radio stations. I know Mercury has that big list, but it doesn't have the 800 numbers on it! Plus, it's easier to e-mail DJs than call them! Here's my area:

Q102 1-800-243-2102
WFLS 1-800-735-9393
WFRB 1-800-372-1053
WFRE 1-877-999-9373
WMZQ 1-800-505-0098
WAYZ 1-888-950-1047

National Radio Shows:
After Midnite 1-800-722-6483
Lia 1-800-577-7542
John Crensaw 1-800-968-7827

There ya go! I hope this can help Shania get to number 1!!!

A HYPER Shania fan,
"She's a warrior woman." -Luke Lewis "Driven"

"I'm a vegetarian, Brad. I eat TOFU TUNA!! *slap*" ~Shania in "I Heart Huckabees"
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