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Seeing Shania on TV tonight totally brought out the hyper 15 year-old inside me, even if she wasn't the one singing her songs. LOL My favorites were Don't and YGAW. I was not impressed at all with IOHWIB or NONTK. AMOM and YSTO was ehhhh. I remember the last time Mandissa sang AMOM wayyyy back in what, Season 2 or 3, she got kicked off the next night because it just wasn't the right song choice. I'm so glad Shania had her own night! Now if only she had something to perform tomorrow. All in all, it was GREAT to see Shania (and Carrie) looking so vibrant.
"She's a warrior woman." -Luke Lewis "Driven"

"I'm a vegetarian, Brad. I eat TOFU TUNA!! *slap*" ~Shania in "I Heart Huckabees"
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