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It's irritating me that her official accounts have said nothing.

This is what I know:
Tomorrow 8/7c AM - Shania will be in studio on The Bobby Bones Show" tomorrow in Nashville. The song will be released to country radio on Thursday, June 15 with hourly airplay on all iHeartMedia country stations for the entire day.

Shania did interviews with Cafe Nashville and another Nashville based radio station. Those interviews haven't been released yet.

Today, Shania did interviews with Taste Of Country Nights host Sam Alex. That is available online. Shania has confirmed another song, "Has Anybody Seen My Soldier?"

Someone who received an advanced copy of the album confirmed there are 12 songs on the album. This time around there is no title track. New titles are:
"More Fun"
"Home Now"
"Roll Me Out On The River"
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