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Yea Chris

I was chuckling over that move also by Rebecca and Randal in buying up all those bull horns from various Radio Shacks so that Capitol Edge couldn't get hardly any. I can imagine Trump loved that move...I have also noticed how Shania has taken a page from Toby Keith by wearing that beat-up looking cowboy hat...But I have to say that Shania looks far better in her hat and especially with that sweet smile of hers which is in her last photo...She is amazing...Shania is certainly blitzing New York in her new add campaign....I guess she is sort of taking advantage of the CMA's just a bit...Ha Ha! Clever Shania you never cease to amaze me...Donald Trump is probably saying the same thing...Shania is a marketing genius in her own right...She also seems to be tapping the right people... This is a really good time for Shania...Now I will be willing to bet that Shania will take advantage of all this to release her new album...Now that she has effectively gotten the media's attention...Thanks for passing on all the fine pictures Dax...

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