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Exclusive: Shania Twain Returns to Idol!
by Shawna Malcom April 07, 2010

She proved she had an ear for talent—and that she was smart and charming to boot—as a guest judge during American Idol’s Chicago auditions earlier this season. Now, an Idol source confirms, country-pop superstar Shania Twain is set to come on over again to the Fox reality competition, this time as a mentor to the contestants. (No word yet on what theme the Idols will tackle under Twain’s tutelage, though country would be the safe bet.)

Unlike some of Season 9’s mentors—including 17-year-old Miley Cyrus and music-biz newbie Adam Lambert—Twain has plenty of experience to draw on: The Canadian singer-songwriter has been recording for nearly two decades, sold over 65 million albums, and netted five Grammys. (If anyone can settle the should-Katie-Stevens-go-country debate once and for all, our money’s on Twain.)

“Shania really enjoyed doing the show,” says her rep. And while he wouldn’t officially confirm her repeat appearance, he adds, “She’d love to go back.”
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