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Randall Waller Tells it Like It Is

Q&A from Randall's board:
Hi Randall,
Just curious how you thought the PFT performance was at the CMA's ? A lot of comments have been how deadbeat the crowd was and how there was little applause. What was your take from up on stage? We thought you all did a great job!! BTW we noticed your hair looked different, new style? (Hey, good lookin')
Bye for now.
Nancy &
Sandra Diane


Interesting that you should notice - I haven't actually watched the show yet - although I did tape it.... the idea of watching myself (even if I am only in the background) is not something I particularly enjoy....

It's very hard in that environment to guage the crowd because there is so much going on the moment you are finished, that the crowd is the last thing on your mind.

Also, since you only do one song, and the rest of the time you are backstage watching the show on TV's - or not watching at all.... when you DO get onto the stage and hear the crowd, you have nothing to compare it to anyway...

Nashville has always had a ...... hmmmmm..... colorful relationship with ST.... sometimes up, sometimes negative.

Having lived here for quite a few years now - it seems to me that Shania represents a real threat to some here.

There are some (and only some) who feel that if you are going to have a successful career in country, then you are going to NEED Nashville. You need to use their song writers, producers, engineers, studios, musicians, managers, business managers - because, "if we do anything well, it's COUNTRY!" So along come Shania and Mutt and pretty much break all the unwritten rules and not only succeed, but blow the doors off more than anyone in this town ever thought possible!! So, you start to get a feel for how some people feel about her here.

Playing in the band has also been a 2 edged sword.
Occasionally, when telling someone who I played with, it would elicit an instant look up and down - a squint - "oh yeah, I've seen you...... how was that....?" referring to the whole experience of playing in this band. Total suspicion. A lot of people in Nashville think we mimed the whole show. Pretty hilarious.

Thanks for noticing the hair do - many have called it a hair don't.

Its long, messy, nappy, has bugs in it..... all that.......

Thanks girls - stay tuned for my record okay......??

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