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I made it home safely...the show was beyond amazing!!
I was wondering how Shania would do this live show because she always interacts with fans in her concerts. Vegas shows are not known for that and that is Shania's specialty. Vegas is also not known for fans rising to their feet during performances. I am in total agreement with Robin Leach's twitter comment of the show..." Shania's show sets new standards and everyone needs to kick it up a notch". Shania not only did Vegas style glitz and glamour theatrical show but she also kept her concert vibe, including fan interaction!! Fans were rising to their feet and security was asking them to sit down lol but in the end fans won out!!

I'm so happy I went to the first show because yes we got a chance to see her emotions and hear what this all means to her. From the standing ovation, to the loooong talk (loved, especially after losing my mother 2 yrs ago) about her mother and the campfire story, and then to the last ovation during MIFLAW.

Another highlight was meeting up with all of you and meeting other fans from around the world. I kept talking to everyone lol to get stories of how far they traveled...too cool!

Then the best highlight, while I didn't pay the extra $190 to go into SKC event I was able to stay outside waiting for my friends and in the process of doing so got to see and talked to Shania briefly as she was jogging to her next event. Me and 2 others were outside talking and here comes Shania with security, husband, entourage!! She acknowledged us with a friendly wave and warm smile...So of course i asked her if she tired and wants us to carry she laughs and said no I think I got it for now. We told her we enjoyed the show and she said Thank You and poof was gone!lol

Then after, I went inside and still got to talk to my friends and catch up and chat about the show...amazing time!!
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