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Shania is now in Denmark

Posted by shaniaDKfan(Shaniaforums)

Shania is now in Denmark

Shania checked in to a luxurious hotel late Thursday (Danish time)

A Danish tabloid met up with her.

Here's the scan (It was a full page-article):

The picture text reads: "STARHAPPY: Shania Twain is so thrilled for the programme "Star For A Night" that she is willing to get a standardfee - far below the the worldstar's price. After a recently ended promonotial tour in the USA, she checked in at the d'Angleterre in Copenhagen."

"Star For A Night" is a programme that allows ordinary pople to dress up and lip sync, pretending to be a real star. "D'Angleterre" is the most luxurious hotel in Copenhagen/Denmark.

The headline reads: "DR gets Shania Twain for 5.000 kr"

DR ("Danmarks Radio") is statsowned/public service/commercial free Danish Broadcasting Company. 5.000 kr. (Danish "kroner") is ca. $750.

The rest of the article (it's in Danish!) tells that Shania arrived late Thursday in a cab without bodyguards to the hotel where her 8-man crew has been staying since Sunday.

It goes on writing about the small fee.

Shania says that Eja is in Schwitzerland; "I am not worried to leave at home, because he is with his father".

The article quotes the Time-article: 100 room-mansion and no sex-religion. (That story just wont die - I said it was a tabloid!)

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