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Thanks to Annette from the Forums she got a firsthand glimce of Shania. Here is her observation.

We are still in shock!!! She's so amazing!!! and so beautiful, she's even more beautiful in real life than on tv She's got the most fantastic smile She's just so... petite!!!

The Boogie show was great! We were standing outside less then 2 meters from Shania It was so unreal! She wore jeans, black top and a cap
They didn't talk about something that we don't already know. There were some questions asked by sms: What's the most embarrasing thing you have done on stage? Shania: Tripped on stage at a concert in Canada.
They showed the video for Ka-Ching We were standing inside at the time and when we saw the video we hurried outside, because they had speakers outside and we wanted to hear the song. The about 8 other persons there hurried after us, because they thought Shania was out there But we just wanted to see the video
The video rocked btw

She didn't come out after the show, so we didn't get our autograph or to really meet her. But it was totally worth it anyway

Star for a night:
She sang Ka-Ching, and she sang live Her own band wasn't there... After the song she sat down with the competitors (what's it called ?) and sang YSTO with them
After that there was a short interview and she gave a piece of advice to the competitors. It was some thing about staying true to what you want to do and not go with the flow, that's what makes you uniqe.

Amalie & Annette

Don't know if anyone got screencaps of the show, but if they did, please post them!

Also, glad to know she sang live this time!

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