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another post by shaniaDKfan:

Shania made it into the tabloids again:

Here is the best from the article:

"Sometimes I loose the courage and feel like stopping my career. Then you meet some fans or play a concert, and then the good humour comes back. It's like playing on a team, where you are being backed up, even if it's not going so great" says Shania Twain. It's clear, that behind the wellgrommed friendly exterior, hides an irritation over the present markedcondition.
"When I was growing up it wasn't necessary to be on television to sell your music. Now everything is extremely visual. Unless people can relate to you as a person, they can't relate to your music" tells Shania Twain.


Shania has become 37 years old, and tiny ryncles can be traced under the make up. Her son, Eja, had become one-and-a-half year old and has made Shania slow down her career due to family life. But even if Shania is far older than the teenagers that dominate the charts today, she can go on for a long time.
"I feel nothing regarding my age, Neither physically or mentally, so I can go on for a long time" she tells, almost offended over the question."


Accordingly to Time Magazine, Shania is member of a sect that prohibit amongst orther things sex. But that rumour is soon swept away by Shania.
"It's nonsens."
"How do you think I got my son", she ask laughting.
"Is it done the naturally way?"

Translated from Danish
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