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The next segment starts with TWIM...and her marriage.

Lots of ideas for TWIM, were ideas she came to nashville with, no one wanted to hear them. Mutt and Shania picked those threads up, and they became TWIM. Shania needed confidence in her writing, which Mutt gave her. For AMOM, Mutt had a grove to go with the verses, and Shania came up with the chorus. Shania says AMOM set the tone for her own style, for what was going to be "Shania Style", the songwriting, the Mutt and Shania style..rock and country combination, with the lyrics, female confidence, sense of all started with that song.

On to COO.........
It was the follow up to the TWIM, the career pressure, was tremendous to beat TWIM. People wanted to see if Shania would crash and burn of fly. She said since COO took off, she feels no pressure to out perform it.

YSTO..she loves that song. It describes Mutt and Shania the best. She said people thought they were never going to last as a couple. [Guess she showed them].

Images and the visual "shania"
She does not see herself that way at all. It is all a fantasy, "dress up". The make up session was funny, getting the candy was funny too. They played "What a way to wanna be" through this whole segment.

She says she is not stressing of her body image, she eats well and stays active.

For COO and TWIM, she worked so much, she did not enjoy any of the success...there was no time. It was all a blur. This time around, Shania wants to smell the roses. She wants to enjoy it as it is happening.

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