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'American Idol': Shania Twain -- how'd she do?

By Andrea Reiher

"American Idol" welcomed its third guest judge Tuesday night. How did the country-pop princess Shania Twain fare?

Thus far Zap2it readers are saying of Victoria Beckham, "Middle-of-the-road. Nothing spectacular, but not bad" and of Mary J. Blige, "Terrible. She was so rude." So what about Shania?

We happen to think in terms of someone who "gets" "Idol," Shania Twain is probably one of the best guest judges they found. Whether or not you enjoy country/pop music (and we don't, really), she has an incredible voice and her music genre is right in the "Idol" wheelhouse.

So we were disappointed that A) Chicago turned out to be kind-of a bust city and B) Shania only got an hour-long episode. We barely got to see her comments, but we liked what we did see. It's not saying too much, but so far we think she's the best guest judge.

What do you guys think? Vote now!

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