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Well, thanks for the email alert that this had happened.

I missed the event. Heard part of an advertisement last week, that it was coming up. But I guess I was doing something else when it aired. Today, I caught part of American Idol kinda by accident, with other judges. It's a bit hard to take, with some of the contestants(?) having such a grossly distorted impression of their vocal ability. I know it's not real easy to know precisely where one's own voice fits on measures of quality. But the guy who would not leave, would not believe the judges knew anything, and had to be taken to the ground and hauled out by 3 security guards, that was just plain craziness. Aren't these people intelligent enough to get some impartial feedback about their ability, before they try to elbow their way to the front of the line, and instantly ALL the way to the top of a very talented profession?

I'm pleased to see how well Shania seems to have done, in the reviews and elsewhere. I had expected, and posted somewhere, months ago, that Simon was crude and insensitive to the extent that NOBODY could get along well with him. I thought his behavior toward Paula Abdul was recurringly condescending, disgusting and sometimes lewd. I expected the same thing from him toward Shania. And given the bizarre behavior and horrible voices in so many of the contestants, I figured she'd be whip-shawed between distractions by them, and by Simon.

Looks like I was wrong. Wouldn't be the first time. But usually I'm at least close to the target. Though I've not seen the actual footage, it appears from the reportage so far, that she was very much in her element. She was the expert on the subject, even more than Simon. And he'd been top dog on the show, previously. I also misjudged her earthiness. She's probably more comfortable with Simon's roving English eye and hand, than I remembered. Her comment about one contestant's lips and possible double meaning about his great bottom end, could have been intentional. Reminds me of her comment in one concert, where she sang one song from the audience. And she talked with the guys in that row, who tried to make room for her. They were a small, unknown band, calling themselves "The Swollen Members". To which she spontaneously, and unabashedly replied - that she wouldn't want to (accidently) sit on a swollen member. It got quite a chuckle from the audience.

Thanks for the vid caps, etc. Amazing quality.
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