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Old 03-22-2004, 01:24 PM
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Join Date: Feb 2001
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
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Great Berlin Reviews!!!!

7500 fans raved in Max Schmeling Arena; Classy, Shania!

Shania Twain gives it all, accompained by her band, Brent Barcus (left) and Randall Waller (right)

Finally! Several years and thus many to for a long time Shania Twain let wait her fans in Germany. On Saturday the 38 year old honoured for months before outsold Max Schmeling Arena with the world route to the last album "UP" and fired in the center of the arena true hit fireworks at Country and Pop. 7500 fans celebrated, rocked and sang with the Country Queen hits like "Ka-Ching", "When You Kiss ME", "Not Just A Pretty Face" and "That Don't Impress ME much" and the delicate Canadien with the giant voice gave everything. It harms only that she resounds against the bad acoustics and her voice did not arrive to loud musician and hardly to be heard was. The more was to be seen for it: The star - stepdaughter of an Indian from Ontario, since for 8 years married with her producer R. J. Mutt Lange, and mother of the 3-year old Eja - was surrounded by 8 temperful musicians, who offered all demanded and a furiose show with their instruments. And because only to stand and sing on the stage is probably too boring for the superstar, Shania gave autographs at the edge of stage during the concert again and again readily and could with fans be photographed. Dearest with completely young, because she was missing her son Eja, as she confessed.
Romy Delan
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Old 03-22-2004, 01:33 PM
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Join Date: Feb 2001
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Posts: 13,998
What denkste?

The soil trembled, and sheaked when Shania Twain entered into the Max Schmeling Arena. During the concert it was not hard for Shania to take gifts of her fans infront and sign autographs constantly. Then the 38-year old singer presented her singular volume to her fans. The quantity broke out in rejoicing, when she went into the public and sang further from there. There was impressing stage fireworks, the scenery was fantastic, the volume played super and Shania met all tones perfectly. The Canadierin changed her outfit, three times during the entire show one more pretty than the other. After one hour and forty minutes the concert ended to the property mood song: Rock This Country. According to our opinion was the concert really sharpens. The concert was a correctly mad experience and a successful evening. We hope that Shania visits soon again the capital. For the single UP! we wish Shania much success. Because we find it super!!!
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Old 03-22-2004, 01:34 PM
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I guess Eja must be at home instead of going with her in Europe.

Shania's Place
Shania: often imitated, never duplicated!!

"...Living, Loving, Laughing and Dreaming....."-Shania Twain
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Old 03-22-2004, 02:02 PM
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Join Date: Feb 2001
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Posts: 13,998
Queen of the Country triumph in the Konfetti rain: Shania Twain inspires the Max Schmeling Hall

Peter E. Müller

She is a winner inside: Shania Twain understands how to please the masses.

When the last Firework is fired, which went throug the last charge of white-lila-colored chads from the Konfetti-canoe lthat landed on the soil and only isolated by Stanniol strips of the stage cover is called to rain, it only once deeply breathes.
After this [gewieften] Pop bombardment, as much accurately choreografied luck blessedness and tautly produced continuous bombardment with good mood one is missioniert for the remainder of the night. At least. Because if there is a queen of the Pop, then it stood straight 90 minutes long in the midst of sold out Max Schmeling Arena. And her name is Shania Twain

It may not have been coincidence that calculated the Australian Abba Epigonen Bjoern Again in the interlude smoothed the field. Because took as Sweden Abba in the seventies Europe in the storm, then the Canadien Shania Twain in the 90-es took in only the USA and then the rest of the world. Naturally studio and live technical possibilities are today more intensive, but the prescription is similar: , thought arrangements , Perl-end in-usual melodies out harmony singing and a due portion of popularness - in Shania Twain's case those the Country music, paired with measure-compatible hard rock elements.

Yes, it rocked. From the first song, after the distinctive entertainer and her nine musicians cleared their way in the middle by the public on the enormous round stage in the resounding center in strong volume . "MAn, I Feel Like A Woman" tears the public off the seats. In noble sound and circeling (?) light direction it experiences an intelligent musican with million-hits like "Ka-Ching!" and "That Don't Impress Me Much". A Pop Operette, which tells of the little girl [Aschenputtel] from the province, who finds her prince in Nashville and lucky with their unites - from platinum CD to platinum CD.

Eileen Regina Twain, the girl from the small Canadian gold-mining Timmins, lost her mother and indian stepfather in a car accident. Then she was 21. And had to care from now on for her brothers and sisters. But she sang herself through her whole life as already as a child she sang on the tavern stages of Ontario, had beautifully, done. She went to Nashville, took up demos, gave herself the indian name Shania (in German: I'm on my way). And met not only the correct producer, but also the man for the life: Robert John "Mutt" Lange.

Who had before hard rock-music successes produced bands like the Cars, Def Leppard, Bryan Adam, even AC/DC. And it missed only the purposeful, be correct-strong and beautiful Country singer a highly transparent and above all MTV compatible sound. Her second album "The Woman in ME" became 1995 the break-through, threw eight hit singles off it and stood more than 100 week in the Charts. "Mutt" Lange is a master, if it concerns to bundle the rock history of the past four decades in un-usual Pop addition. That sounds familiar and obliging everything.
This calculating positivism controls also the expensive show. Shania Twain rises down again and again from its pyrotechnically heated landing, vibrates fan hands, receives flower mountains, marks tickets, naked skin.She continues to sing simply. The musicians are constant in motion. They completed the "School of Rock" with diploma. This show certainly of hard rock and Glamrock on high polished level , and up-to-date.
But in the center is always this singer, who understands her work, remains pleasing the masses without being conventional. To the addition she comes in the jersey of the German national soccer team on the stage and celebrated into the final fireworks and Konfetti-rain. Okay, maybe a little conventionally.
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Old 03-23-2004, 01:58 AM
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WOW great reviews.....thanks for posting
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