Welcome to the STNAOFC messageboard! This messageboard is maintained by FV and Cbspock with the assistance of moderator Sheri.  Messages are added to the board in real time.  The moderators patrol the board daily but cannot be on the board all the time.  Participants are requested to follow these basic principles when posting a message: 
1) Remember this board exists to discuss all things Shania and try to keep most messages relevant to this purpose. 
2) Follow Shania's example and do not use obscenity or foul language. 
3) Again with Shania's example in mind, treat fellow members of the board and other celebrities with respect.  This means for example refraining from rudeness or harmful comments, and not putting images into your signature as this slows down the loading for most members. 
4) Do not post messages and/or pictures that unduly invade the privacy of Shania or her family. 
5)  Do not put any information on the messageboard that would help readers to make unauthorized downloads of Shania's music from the internet, especially direct links to such type of materials.
6) Based upon our experience with online communities, there are some topics of discussions that always create problems. For this reason please do not start or join discussions dealing with political matters. We want to keep the Shania Boards a fun place.
7) Respect the copyrights of Shania fans’ photos. Many fans post their concert photos on the messageboard, but that does not give anyone the right to repost the photos without the photographers’ permission, unless you fully credit the person in question. In any case, in order to avoid future problems, ASK the fans before reposting their photos.

Be aware that failure to follow these principles may result in the deletion of all or part of your message or a closing of the thread by the moderators.  In extreme cases, board members may be barred temporarily or permanently from further participation. Impersonation of another member either on the messageboard or in private email is cause for immediate and permanent suspension. 

But this messageboard is not about avoiding negative behaviour.  It is first and foremost about having fun!  Share your joy with other Shania fans.  Exchange information and opinions.  Make friends here.  Let's keep this messageboard the best Shania board on the Net! 
If anyone wishes to comment on the code of conduct or have any questions in regards to the messageboard rules, email any of the moderators and they will be happy to respond to your concerns. 


FV Cbspock