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  1. After All Was Said and Done
  2. A funny story from Facts and Figures
  3. 1 of my Favorite Albums!
  4. Revisit
  5. It got me hooked on ,SHANIA
  6. i'm planning on getting these two albums. lol
  7. One down, one more to go!!!!
  8. a comment about the pictures....
  9. how well did 'shania twain' do?
  10. Well, I completed my CD hunt!!!!
  11. The Woman In Me
  12. I really like this album
  13. Shania's voice
  14. Where Are All The Threads?
  15. no more than a "one hit wonder"
  16. Favorite song from "Shania Twain"
  17. Favorite Song On TWIM?
  18. 2/7-This Day in Shania History
  19. Your favorite songs
  20. Seldtitled Album
  21. Favorite Video..."Shania Twain"
  22. Favorite Video--The Woman In Me
  23. Old Shania Bio
  24. The Woman In Me's 10 year anniversary
  25. Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?
  26. WBHYBBU's video chart run
  27. TWIM 10 years
  28. "The Woman In Me" statistics
  29. Old articles
  30. The making of TWIM
  31. What Made You Say That?
  32. Dance With the One That Brought You
  33. You Lay A Whole Lot of Love On Me
  34. Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?
  35. Any Man Of Mine
  36. The Woman in Me
  37. I'm Outta Here
  38. You Win My Love-NEW videocaptures
  39. New Review-TWIM
  40. New Review (ST)
  41. Thoughts on Shania's First album
  42. No One Needs To Know--vidcaps
  43. Home Ain't Where His Heart Is
  44. God Bless The Child
  45. Raining On Our Love
  46. God Bless the Child
  47. Self-Titled Album
  48. God Ain't Gonna Getcha For That
  49. Shania Twain - Rolling Stone review
  50. Billboard reviews of the singles frm "Shania Twain"
  51. Old bios?
  52. Old reviews from the TWIM era
  53. This day in history
  54. TWIM album
  55. Pleasant Surprise!!