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02-13-2005, 08:10 PM
WEEK 4-Well, its been a month. Kenny Chesney is still #1. BTW, for those of you who don't know what this chart is: it is a chart of the most heard country artists of the past 7 days. I get this information by compiling the data from Mediabase's current and recurrent chart. Shania didn't perform very well this week. She only gained about 200,000 in audience impression. She also slipped to spaces to No. 30. This is because Terri Clark, Martina, and Jo Dee have all surpassed Shania. Don't fret though, next week will be a lot better. Many artists are starting to fall on the charts because their hit songs are starting to rapidly lose spins. Shania could possible break 20 mill. in aud. imp. next week and could pass the likes of Dierks Bentley, Phill Vassar, and Joe Nichols depending on their performances on the charts this week.

NOTE: Bold gives the artist a bullet


(01)-01-CHESNEY, KENNY-77.564
(02)-02-URBAN, KEITH-73.655
(03)-03-RASCAL FLATTS-64.007
(04)-04-MCGRAW, TIM-58.033
(05)-05-JACKSON, ALAN-54.416
(06)-06-KEITH, TOBY-52.975
(07)-07-PAISLEY, BRAD-52.027
(08)-08-BROOKS & DUNN-42.782
(11)-09-MONTGOMERY GENTRY-39.390
(12)-11-GRACIN, JOSH-36.397
(09)-12-WILSON, GRETCHEN-35.736
(14)-13-SHELTON, BLAKE-31.624
(15)-14-MCENTIRE, REBA-31.529
(17)-15-MORGAN, CRAIG-31.424
(16)-16-RIMES, LEANN-31.011
(13)-17-WORLEY, DARRYL-30.506
(19)-19-DEAN, BILLY-26.626
(21)-20-GRIGGS, ANDY-25.434
(20)-21-EVANS, SARA-24.235
(24)-22-WOMACK, LEE ANN-23.613
(22)-23-ALLAN, GARY-23.209
(26)-24-BENTLEY, DIERKS-22.947
(25)-25-NICHOLS, JOE-22.923
(23)-26-VASSAR, PHIL-22.347
(29)-27-MESSINA, JO DEE-21.171
(27)-28-CLARK, TERRI-21.018
(30)-29-MCBRIDE, MARTINA-20.181
(28)-30-TWAIN, SHANIA-19.917
(31)-31-ADKINS, TRACE-17.031
(32)-32-O'NEAL, JAMIE-15.209
(34)-33-BIG & RICH-12.376
(33)-34-STRAIT, GEORGE-12.149
(35)-35-LARSEN, BLAINE-11.297
(38)-36-BATES, JEFF-9.705
(36)-37-JEWELL, BUDDY-9.223
(39)-38-LAMBERT, MIRANDA-9.097
(43)-39-DALLEY, AMY-8.783
(37)-40-GREEN, PAT-8.763
(40)-41-CURRINGTON, BILLY-8.290
(44)-44-DIAMOND RIO-6.380
(45)-45-WILLS, MARK-5.943
(46)-46-CHESNUTT, MARK-5.159
(47)-47-BLUE COUNTY-5.004
(48)-48-EMERSON DRIVE-4.871
(54)-49-ANDERSON, KEITH-3.961
(51)-50-MURPHY, DAVID LEE-3.953
(49)-51-WAYNE, JIMMY-3.725
(50)-52-WRIGHT, CHELY-3.652
(52)-54-LAWRENCE, TRACY-3.352
(55)-55-CAGLE, CHRIS-3.099
(56)-56-BUFFETT, JIMMY-2.605
(63)-57-ROBERTS, JULIE-2.597
(59)-58-BYRD, TRACY-2.533
(58)-59-TRAVIS, RANDY-2.422
(62)-60-TURNER, JOSH-2.269
(57)-61-DIFFIE, JOE-2.258
(61)-62-WILLMON, TRENT-2.180
(64)-63-DIXIE CHICKS-2.180
(65)-64-ROGERS, RANDY, BAND-1.872
(68)-65-PINSON, BOBBY-1.672
(67)-66-TRICK PONY-1.617
(60)-67-WALKER, CLAY-1.533
(66)-68-LINES, AARON-1.482
(69)-69-MCCOMAS, BRIAN-1.353
(72)-71-THOMAS, KENI-1.021
(73)-72-MCCANN, LILA-0.929
(71)-73-LOS LONELY BOYS-0.876
(86)-74-TRITT, TRAVIS-0.787
(74)-75-SAWYER BROWN-0.770
(75)-76-BLACK, CLINT-0.727
(82)-77-ELAM, KATRINA-0.620
(79)-78-HOWARD, REBECCA LYNN-0.596
(83)-79-JONES, ZONA-0.586
(78)-80-ROBISON, CHARLIE-0.580
(76)-81-HILL, FAITH-0.556
(84)-82-MERRITT, TIFT-0.547
(81)-83-HUGHES, JEDD-0.517
(87)-84-CROW, SHERYL-0.410
(77)-85-AUSTIN, SHERRIE-0.385
(---)-86-FAIRCHILD, SHELLY-0.359
(85)-87-CANYON, GEORGE-0.299
(88)-88-PROCTOR, RACHEL-0.299
(90)-90-WOMACK, DREW-0.233

Top 20 Ladies of Country Music

(01)-01-WILSON, GRETCHEN-35.736
(02)-02-MCENTIRE, REBA-31.529
(03)-03-RIMES, LEANN-31.011
(04)-04-EVANS, SARA-24.235
(05)-05-WOMACK, LEE ANN-23.613
(08)-06-MESSINA, JO DEE-21.171
(06)-07-CLARK, TERRI-21.018
(09)-08-MCBRIDE, MARTINA-20.181
(07)-09-TWAIN, SHANIA-19.917
(10)-10-O'NEAL, JAMIE-15.209
(11)-11-LAMBERT, MIRANDA-9.097
(12)-12-DALLEY, AMY-8.783
(13)-13-WRIGHT, CHELY-3.652
(14)-14-ROBERTS, JULIE-2.597
(15)-15-MCCANN, LILA-0.929
(19)-16-ELAM, KATRINA-0.620
(18)-17-HOWARD, REBECCA LYNN-0.596
(16)-18-HILL, FAITH-0.556
(20)-19-CROW, SHERYL-0.410
(17)-20-AUSTIN, SHERRIE-0.385

Top 20 Men of Country Music

(01)-01-CHESNEY, KENNY-77.564
(02)-02-URBAN, KEITH-73.655
(03)-03-MCGRAW, TIM-58.033
(04)-04-JACKSON, ALAN-54.416
(05)-05-KEITH, TOBY-52.975
(06)-06-PAISLEY, BRAD-52.027
(07)-07-GRACIN, JOSH-36.397
(09)-08-SHELTON, BLAKE-31.624
(10)-09-MORGAN, CRAIG-31.424
(08)-10-WORLEY, DARRYL-30.506
(11)-11-DEAN, BILLY-26.626
(12)-12-GRIGGS, ANDY-25.434
(13)-13-ALLAN, GARY-23.209
(16)-14-BENTLEY, DIERKS-22.947
(15)-15-NICHOLS, JOE-22.923
(14)-16-VASSAR, PHIL-22.347
(17)-17-ADKINS, TRACE-17.031
(18)-18-STRAIT, GEORGE-12.149
(19)-19-LARSEN, BLAINE-11.297
(---)-20-BATES, JEFF-9.705

Top 10 Duo/Groups of Country Music

(01)-01-RASCAL FLATTS-64.007
(02)-02-BROOKS & DUNN-42.782
(04)-03-MONTGOMERY GENTRY-39.390
(06)-06-BIG & RICH-12.376
(08)-08-DIAMOND RIO-6.380
(09)-09-BLUE COUNTY-5.004
(10)-10-EMERSON DRIVE-4.871

Note: The info in the above charts was compiled from the Mediabase current and recurrent chart from Feb 6 - Feb 12. The information was taken from the noon update on Feb. 13.

Steve F
02-14-2005, 12:32 PM
Thanks! Let's hope Shania does pick up when that happens.


02-16-2005, 04:40 PM
Unless "Don't!" really picks up dramatically in the next 3 days, it looks like next weeks chart will dip again for Shania. :(

As of Wednesday, Shania only has 19.5 mill. listeners. It was 19.9 on Sunday's chart. It has gone down about 400,000 listeners. Reasons for this drop are: "It Only Hurts..." was dropped from the recurrent list again, "PF2" has taken a dramatic tumble. Shania's numbers would be lower but the Valentines requests gave FAFA a boost of about 150,000 and "Don't!" improved about 200,000 today. Keep Requesting and "Don't" give up...great job fans!