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02-20-2005, 09:06 PM
WEEK 5-Well, after 5 weeks Kenny Chesney is still #1! BTW, for those of you who don't know what this chart is: it is a chart of the most heard country artists of the past 7 days. I get this information by compiling the data from Mediabase's current and recurrent chart. Despite a sluggish week, Shania's gain of around 100,000 on Sunday's chart gave her a push over Terri Clark. Shania improves one spot to #29 this week. Look for a better week next week. Phil Vassar is at #28 and lost over 1 million aud. imp. this week. Shania could definately pass him. However Shania fans, none of this matters unless we request Shania's "Don't!" single. If this single doesn't take off, Shania could just stay at #29 all year. So far Shania's chart run has been: 28-29-28-30-29. We really need to get her into the top 25 at least. Anyways, here's the chart:

Bold: a bullet


(01)-01-CHESNEY, KENNY-77.943
(02)-02-URBAN, KEITH-73.157
(03)-03-RASCAL FLATTS-62.181
(04)-04-MCGRAW, TIM-58.566
(06)-05-KEITH, TOBY-53.663
(05)-06-JACKSON, ALAN-52.401
(07)-07-PAISLEY, BRAD-48.859
(08)-08-BROOKS & DUNN-41.288
(10)-09-LONESTAR Mr. Mom-39.274
(11)-10-GRACIN, JOSH-39.015
(09)-11-MONTGOMERY GENTRY-37.766
(15)-12-MORGAN, CRAIG-34.606
(12)-13-WILSON, GRETCHEN-32.658
(14)-14-MCENTIRE, REBA-30.818
(17)-15-WORLEY, DARRYL-30.575
(13)-16-SHELTON, BLAKE-30.181
(16)-18-RIMES, LEANN-29.032
(19)-19-DEAN, BILLY-27.632
(20)-20-GRIGGS, ANDY-25.749
(24)-21-BENTLEY, DIERKS-24.312
(25)-22-NICHOLS, JOE-23.859
(22)-23-WOMACK, LEE ANN-23.670
(27)-24-MESSINA, JO DEE-23.393
(29)-25-MCBRIDE, MARTINA-22.691
(21)-26-EVANS, SARA-22.236
(23)-27-ALLAN, GARY-21.720
(26)-28-VASSAR, PHIL-21.289
(30)-29-TWAIN, SHANIA-19.140
(28)-30-CLARK, TERRI-18.465
(31)-31-ADKINS, TRACE-18.347
(32)-32-O'NEAL, JAMIE-15.425
(33)-33-BIG & RICH-12.525
(35)-34-LARSEN, BLAINE-12.154
(34)-35-STRAIT, GEORGE-11.651
(36)-36-BATES, JEFF-10.336
(37)-37-JEWELL, BUDDY-9.497
(38)-38-LAMBERT, MIRANDA-9.080
(40)-39-GREEN, PAT-8.360
(41)-40-CURRINGTON, BILLY-7.832
(39)-41-DALLEY, AMY-7.657
(44)-44-DIAMOND RIO-5.921
(45)-45-WILLS, MARK-5.752
(46)-46-CHESNUTT, MARK-5.369
(48)-47-EMERSON DRIVE-4.569
(49)-48-ANDERSON, KEITH-4.490
(47)-49-BLUE COUNTY-4.361
(50)-50-MURPHY, DAVID LEE-3.556
(51)-51-WAYNE, JIMMY-3.445
(54)-52-LAWRENCE, TRACY-3.422
(52)-54-WRIGHT, CHELY-3.118
(55)-55-CAGLE, CHRIS-2.936
(57)-56-ROBERTS, JULIE-2.916
(65)-57-PINSON, BOBBY-2.687
(56)-58-BUFFETT, JIMMY-2.609
(59)-59-TRAVIS, RANDY-2.301
(61)-60-DIFFIE, JOE-2.175
(58)-61-BYRD, TRACY-2.120
(60)-62-TURNER, JOSH-2.051
(63)-63-DIXIE CHICKS-2.038
(66)-64-TRICK PONY-2.010
(64)-65-ROGERS, RANDY, BAND-1.852
(68)-66-LINES, AARON-1.843
(62)-67-WILLMON, TRENT-1.743
(67)-68-WALKER, CLAY-1.434
(69)-69-MCCOMAS, BRIAN-1.408
(74)-70-TRITT, TRAVIS-1.40
(73)-71-LOS LONELY BOYS-1.064
(71)-73-THOMAS, KENI-1.105
(75)-74-SAWYER BROWN-0.855
(72)-75-MCCANN, LILA-0.838
(87)-76-CANYON, GEORGE-0.668
(80)-77-ROBISON, CHARLIE-0.610
(76)-78-BLACK, CLINT-0.573
(79)-80-JONES, ZONA-0.521
(77)-81-ELAM, KATRINA-0.485
(83)-82-HUGHES, JEDD-0.485
(82)-83-MERRITT, TIFT-0.439
(---)-84-BRYANT, KEITH-0.423
(86)-85-FAIRCHILD, SHELLY-0.418
(84)-86-CROW, SHERYL-0.413
(---)-87-JUDD, CLEDUS T.-0.361
(78)-88-HOWARD, REBECCA LYNN-0.345
(81)-89-HILL, FAITH-0.340
(88)-90-PROCTOR, RACHEL-0.287

Top 20 Ladies of Country Music

(01)-01-WILSON, GRETCHEN-32.658
(02)-02-MCENTIRE, REBA-30.818
(03)-03-RIMES, LEANN-29.032
(05)-04-WOMACK, LEE ANN-23.670
(06)-05-MESSINA, JO DEE-23.393
(08)-06-MCBRIDE, MARTINA-22.691
(04)-07-EVANS, SARA-22.236
(09)-08-TWAIN, SHANIA-19.140
(07)-09-CLARK, TERRI-18.465
(10)-10-O'NEAL, JAMIE-15.425
(11)-11-LAMBERT, MIRANDA-9.080
(12)-12-DALLEY, AMY-7.657
(13)-13-WRIGHT, CHELY-3.118
(14)-14-ROBERTS, JULIE-2.916
(15)-15-MCCANN, LILA-0.838
(16)-17-ELAM, KATRINA-0.485
(---)-18-MERRITT, TIFT-0.439
(---)-19-FAIRCHILD, SHELLY-0.418
(19)-20-CROW, SHERYL-0.413

Top 20 Men of Country Music

(01)-01-CHESNEY, KENNY-77.943
(02)-02-URBAN, KEITH-73.157
(03)-03-MCGRAW, TIM-58.566
(05)-04-KEITH, TOBY-53.663
(04)-05-JACKSON, ALAN-52.401
(06)-06-PAISLEY, BRAD-48.859
(07)-07-GRACIN, JOSH-39.015
(09)-08-MORGAN, CRAIG-34.606
(10)-09-WORLEY, DARRYL-30.575
(08)-10-SHELTON, BLAKE-30.181
(11)-11-DEAN, BILLY-27.632
(12)-12-GRIGGS, ANDY-25.749
(14)-13-BENTLEY, DIERKS-24.312
(15)-14-NICHOLS, JOE-23.859
(13)-15-ALLAN, GARY-21.720
(16)-16-VASSAR, PHIL-21.289
(17)-17-ADKINS, TRACE-18.347
(19)-18-LARSEN, BLAINE-12.154
(18)-19-STRAIT, GEORGE-11.651
(20)-20-BATES, JEFF-10.336

Top 10 Duo/Groups of Country Music

(01)-01-RASCAL FLATTS-62.181
(02)-02-BROOKS & DUNN-41.288
(04)-03-LONESTAR Mr. Mom-39.274
(03)-04-MONTGOMERY GENTRY-37.766
(06)-06-BIG & RICH-12.525
(08)-08-DIAMOND RIO-5.921
(10)-09-EMERSON DRIVE-4.569
(09)-10-BLUE COUNTY-4.361

Note: The info in the above charts was compiled from the Mediabase current and recurrent chart from Feb 13 - Feb 19. The information was taken from the noon update on Feb. 20.

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thanks for the stats:)

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great shania is still in it! :) thanks for sharing!! hehe

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You're welcome!

Steve F
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Thanks for explaining how it works.