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11-01-2002, 12:39 PM
The Lyrics to four new songs off of Up! have been revealed.

U.S.99 has posted Copies of the inside lyric listing from inside the UP! booklet for a total of 5 songs from Up!, including I'm Gonna Getcha Good!.

The songs are the first 5 songs off of her album. [The lyrics to one of the ballads, Forever and For Always, make it seem like a great song. I hope she releases it.]

These are the songs and addresses to the lyrics:

1. UP!

2. I'm Gonna Getcha Good!

3. She's Not Just A Pretty Face

4. Juanita

5. Forever and For Always

**This is what Shania said when talking about Juanita and other songs from the album:

"It [I'm Gonna Getcha Good] was right from the beginning the first single", says Shania. "There is that typical Shania-attitude in the lyrics, a special female self-confidence. It's just about a young woman who knows what she wants; not only she knows how she gets it, but - and that's what it's about - 'to get it good'... too." "In my experience it's rather typical that women run into men who have that self-confidence. But I just wanted to write about this self-confidence from the female point of view in a funny way. I wanted that the first single got that playful moment again, because people should recognize the 'old' Shania, but at the same time hear the new, fresh sound.

'UP', the title-track, is a funny song with lines like 'Even my skin is acting weird, wish that I could grow a beard'. One of my other favourite songs is 'I'm Jealous'. It's a song with a very figurative speaking; you can really feel what's up, what's going on. 'Juanita' is a song where I go textual a bit deeper than usual, diving more into the subject. During times where we're especially vulnerable, doesn't matter if we're searching strenght, bravery or liberty - it's our female power (our Juanita) what we need then."
The lyrics keep very real, that's just my style. Very narrative, dialog-orientated - in the way I wrote the last two albums too. Because people always liked the songs best where I expressed the concerns as I would talk directly to them."