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11-03-2002, 06:18 AM
Up! One of them I did'nt like, its just that I think its a avarage pop song when so much of Shanias work is in the amazing field. (Note: I love the country Version)

I'm Gonna Gettcha Good I like it its not the best on the album but still its a rocking tune

Not Just a Pretty Face I really like this one!!

Juanita My 3rd Favourite song on the album!! I love it so much!! Who ever said Shania can't write intelligent Lyrics needs hanging

Forever and For Always Yet another great song!!! I love the tune and how she sings it!

Aint No Particular Way I don't like the opening of the song but when she starts singing its good

It Only Hurts When I Breath Yet another beautiful song!

Nah Hmmm Its an okay song but I just could'nt get into it.

Wanna Get To Know Ya My 4th favourite song on the album!! I just love her lyrics!!

C'est la vie I love the tune to this one!! I can relate to the lyrics a little Yes it dose sound like "Dancing Queen" alot

Jealous OMG this is my Favourite!!!! Its now one of my favourite Shania songs I love everything about it

Ka Ching This is the only song that totally failed to win me over, imo its the worst on the album.

Thank You Baby She gets back on track with yet another rocking song!!!

Waiter This rocks I love the chinse infulance

What a Way Another great song!!! (How many dose Shania have? ) Reminds me a little of TDIMM

Ain't Going Down I love this one!!! Its probally my 5th favourite on the album

I'm Not In the Mood Like Aint No Particular Way I don't like the opening but when you get into it its a great tune!!

In My Car Yet aother rocking song!!!

When You Kiss MeMy 2nd fave on the album!!! I love it

So all in all its a great album!!! I like COO better but this still is her 2nd best album with some of her best work on!! "Ka Ching" is the only song I can say I don't like the rest of the album is up to Shanias standards though

All in all its a 4 and half out of 5 for the Pop version of the album!


11-03-2002, 10:16 PM
i like coo a little bit better too. some of these songs just dont seem like songs to me they just seem like lines shes singing were as like honey iam home and i had a hard day flowed like a song.