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Steve F
11-05-2002, 01:10 PM
I had some thoughts about everything going on recently and thought I would try to put my words into kind of a poem. I hope it's worthy and that you like it. I titled it "Let's Go." Here it is:

Let's Go:

As a woman, a wife, and a mother, you could not ask for more,

As an entertainer she the real deal, that's for sure,

Her laugh is nothing short of magical, a special effect, if you will,

For those who believe in her, the voice is a powerful and emotional experience leaving you wanting more and more.....

She's a trailblazer, an explorer always looking for that next creative mountain to conquer; and whether or not they admire her, her peers follow her every trail to help add to their own success.

This legacy is made possible through her song writing genius, her unique delivery of her songs, along with the "true to herself" person that she has been and continues to be.

Sometimes we have thought it was to be tragically over. Yes sometimes we feared she was through, but alas now she is back with all the vitality that is she. Her soul is "UP" and her goal she says is "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!"

What do we the fans say? We say "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, go ahead, get us good!" Do unto us as you did the first time we found you.

Now who is this Super Diva I have had a hard time putting into words? Just one glorious word needs to be spoken "SHANIA"!!!! Need I say more?


11-05-2002, 01:18 PM


That is excellent.


11-05-2002, 01:21 PM
Originally posted by cbspock


That is excellent.

-chris I thought so also!:D

11-05-2002, 01:31 PM

The only other thing that I can say is that you brought me to tears. That was wonderful!!!HEY1 :BigLove

11-05-2002, 01:39 PM

WOW. You should be a writer in Nashville.
You done goodHEY1

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11-05-2002, 05:26 PM
:yippee: :BL

11-05-2002, 09:43 PM
Way to go, Steve!:D :D :D


11-05-2002, 09:53 PM
It's beautiful because it came from your heart. You've expressed what we all feel. :)

Little Shania
11-05-2002, 11:06 PM
WOW!!!!! Can I sing that? :) LOL That is sooo wounderful!!! :):)

Steve F
11-06-2002, 10:28 AM
Well, I guess it was acceptable.:D So many times I get a phrase that pops into my head, but it's usually as I'm going to sleep and I think, I'll remember it in the morning. But by morning I don't remember a thing. This time though, I began getting these thoughts in the morning and as they came, I wrote them down. No, I'm not a writer, just a fan who felt this in my heart and I wanted to share. Thanks for the kudos.:)