View Full Version : Ain't No Particular Way...To Choose Them!!!

Steve F
11-21-2002, 02:29 PM
There is an old ballad from many years ago called: "Torn Between Two Lovers." Well, that is how I feel right now regarding "UP." I'm Torn Between Two Versions.":eek:

What I mean is that I have listened to both the RED [Pop] and the GREEN [Country] all the way through now, and I still can't make up my mind which I like better. I do know this however, if you are a real Country fan and don't care for upbeat stuff, then you won't like the RED one, but if you are a Pop fan, you probably won't like the Green one either. My problem is that "I'm a Little Bit Country and a Little Bit Rock & Roll', so it's very hard. I figure it this way. When I bought COO, I bought the original and then the International Versions. Result? I love 'em both!:) So maybe I'm getting all worked up over nothing. Darn that Shania! LOL!:D She had to go and give us both to make it harder to choose.:D

There are some songs like Nah, Ka-Ching, Waiter Bring Me Water, C'est La Vie that to me have some great potential for success. In My Car, I'll Be The Driver kind of cracks me up because it kind of reminds me of my wife. I am disappointed there is only one true ballad, but I feel now that When You Kiss Me again has the potential to become a great wedding song and a dedication song.


11-23-2002, 12:11 PM
Oh, I like all kinds of music and therefore I love both versions of UP. (red and green) Uh, let´s not go to blue version now, lol

There are a few songs that are really better suited for the other version. Most of the songs are awesome as both versions. :D

I really like the UPbeat message of this album.