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cbspock 06-08-2018 09:23 AM

Shania in Texas - so far
I still have Houston to go, but here are my thoughts so far
So far the Shania Texas Tour is AWESOME!! I think I have to give the Austin concert an edge over the Dallas concert. The NOW songs for the most part work. Pour Me is an interesting song but I think it sucks the momentum out of the beginning of the show. The staging for it is interesting and it has a cool dance number for her dancers. Life works great as the show opener. More Fun works before Party for Two, Alright and Let’s kiss keep the show moving along. Swinging reminds me of Nah! from the Chicago concert at Grant Park. Soldier is a grand slam. Her closing songs are borrowed from all her past tours and Vegas. The show ends with I’m Outta Here, her encore closers are Man! I Feel Like A Woman! and Rock This Country.

I think the two songs that could be added in, given fan reaction during the retrospective - The Woman In Me, I guess she doesn’t sing it, so it saves her voice for From This Moment, but the loudest reaction was for Forever and For Always, when that video comes on the entire arena sings the chorus, its really cool.

Your Still the One instead of singing it to her horse like in Vegas, she sings it to the fans. She can see the crowd from up on her perch, and talks about how we all go back 20 years + and that a lot of the young adults at the concert were little kids when the song was released. After this song and she is back on the ground she grabs some fans from the back of the arena and they all run up to the stage, she does pictures and some insanity ensues and she sings More Fun. From Soldier - More Fun sort of acts like the camp fire stuff during Vegas.

Some of my favorites:
the laser show during From The Moment
Shania does Tron - I’m Gonna Gotcha Good
Up! - and she really goes up!
Soldier - amazing
Still the One - love all the lights

I really like the new coat of paint she put on her songs, they all have some cool new intro based off their “dance” or “international” versions of the songs from TWIM, COO, and the Up! songs are all RED. The Now songs all seem part of the same family with their live production versions.

These links should work regardless if you use Facebook

Austin -


cbspock 06-08-2018 08:21 PM

Cory posted his view from above

Steve F 06-12-2018 10:04 PM

Awesome report Chris! Took a quick look. Am in Florida and will be home in about a week. Then I will look closer and comment more.


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