Shania Twain Centre Logo!The City of Timmins, Hometown to Shania, has decided to dedicate an $11 million permanent exhibition in honor to the city's most known former resident. The Centre has a vast collection of memorabilia donated by Shania herself, together with many interesting and fun activities, such as a recording studio, where fans could play and create a video with Shania's music! Speaking as a Shania fan, I can only say ther are no better words to thank Timmins for giving this wonderful present to all Shania fans in the world! Thank you and be sure to travel there to visit the exhibition, that has opened on June 30th 2001! If you would like to see photos of the Grand Opening 2001, click HERE, and enjoy your visit as the Members from the Shania Twain North American Online Fan Club did! to download a special screensaver for your computer to celebrate the First Anniversary of the Shania Centre, click HERE! For all information regarding opening hours at the Shania Twain Centre you can also check their official website:!

Aug. 21, 2005: Shania Fans Meet Randall, JD and See Stage, Tourbus and Memorabilia at Third World Wide Fan Convention! The Shania Twain Centre's Third Shania Fan Convention in Timmins, Ontario, took place Aug. 18 to 21, 2005. Shania fans from all over the world visited the Shania Twain Centre, participated in a dinner with Trivia, memorabilia auctions and karaoke contests, and in a dance show. Fans got to meet and spend some time with Randall Waller, one of Shania's guitar players and JD Blair, Shania's tour drummer. To read their stories and see photos from the daily events during the Convention, make sure you check out the Timmins section of the Shania Boards! See you next year at the 2006 Fan Convention! 

Click to Enlarge!Aug. 10, 2004: Shania Fans See Stage, Tourbus and Memorabilia at Second World Wide Fan Convention! The Second Annual Shania Fan Convention at the Shania Twain Centre in Timmins, Ontario ended on August 8 with many Shania fans thrilled by the incredible surprises from the weekend. Fans got to see new exhibits of Shania's outfits, awards, and memorabilia at the Shania Centre and were treated to two fantastic surprises. Shania sent in the stage from her last world tour and donated her tourbus, so that fans could see how she lives when on the road. 
Click to Enlarge!In addition, Shania fans got to have fun with two of Shania's band members: Cory Churko, fiddler, and JD Blair, drummer, who participated to the Fan Convention. JD Blair also gave a drum clinic to share his knowledge about drumming and life as a musician. 
To read the participants' posts and comments about the convention, and to see the many fantastic photos, go HERE! THANK YOU TIMMINS, THE SHANIA CENTRE AND CORY AND JD for a GREAT weekend! See you next year at the 2005 Fan Convention! 

July 31, 2004: Second Shania Fan Convention - Aug. 5-8, 2004! The Shania Twain Centre is getting ready for the Second World Wide Shania Fan Convention that will take place in Timmins from Aug. 5 till Aug. 8. In addition to a series of events that include visits of the Shania Twain Centre and the Gold Mine Tour, a special auction with Shania memorabilia and the special visit to the stage Shania has just sent in after the end of her world tour, Shania fans will have a chance to meet two members from Shania's band: Cory Churko (fiddle and guitar player) and JD Blair, drummer. For more information and to register for this year's convention, go HERE! See you all there!

July 31, 2004: Shania Donates Stage to Timmins! Shania's hometown of Timmins and the Shania Twain Centre have now a new Shania memorabilia to show the fans: Shania's tour stage from her 2003/2004 tour. As announced at her last concert in Sunrise, FL the stage has now arrived in Timmins ready to be assembled by Shania's crew so that fans going to the Shania Fan Convention this August will be able to step on it. According to an article posted at True North, "Singing sensation Shania Twain has donated the stage she used during her Up Tour to the City of Timmins.
The 78x48 foot stage arrived in Timmins Thursday night all the way from Florida where Shania ended her tour. Covered in purple and white tissue confetti from the Office Depot Centre in Sunrise, it is now stored in a Timmins-owned facility. Maintenance and Parks Operations Manager Norm Beaudry says the stage, along with many other items from the tour arrived in two 45 foot closed-in trailers. Beaudry estimates the value of the stage is around a quarter of a million dollars. "It blows my mind," exclaimed Beaudry. "Shania's also sending up her stage crew to show us how to put it together and take it apart." To read the full article, go HERE!

Nov. 28, 2003: More Shania Dresses at the Shania Centre! New Shania outfits have arrived to the Shania Twain Centre in Timmins! According to Tracy Hautanen, as posted on True North News, Shania has already sent in "the lace, sequined dress Shania wore to the Canadian Country Music Awards; The black leather pantsuit is on the right and the white evening gown from the CMA awards is on the left. " To read more about the outfits and to see photos, click HERE!

Nov. 28, 2003: Shania Centre Float at the Parade! The
Shania Twain Centre entered the 2003 Santa's Parade (like they did last year) with a Shania-theme oriented float! Ren of Timmis gave this description of the new "UP!" Shania float: "The people of Timmins really outdid themselves. The artistry of the floats was incredible. There was a float with a Shania lookalike lip-synching to Shania's tunes from the UP CD. The float was actually towards the end of the parade and really pumped people UP! for the guest of honour who was bringing up the rear of the parade. All in all, it was a fantastic evening." To read more about the float, click HERE!  To see the photos of the float and the people who built it, go HERE!

Aug. 15, 2003: Shania Fan Convention: A lot of FUN! From Aug. 7 till Aug. 10 Shania fans from all over the world were treated like superstars at the First Worldwide Shania Fan Convention held in Timmins, Ontario at the Shania Twain Centre! Tour of the Shania Centre with new Shania outfits from all her recent appearances. Shania memorabilia and new Shania merchandise, as well as trivia and a Much More Music video party made the weekend a memorable one! To read all the fans' comments and see great photos from the convention, go HERE! A HUGE Thanks to all the fans! Don't forget to see the photos posted at the Shania Twain Centre website! THANK YOU SHANIA CENTRE and TIMMINS!

May 2, 2003: Shania Centre Fan Convention - Pre-Registration Starts! The Shania Twain Centre has posted information on its official website on the first Shania Twain Centre Worldwide Fan convention scheduled from Aug. 7 until Aug. 10, 2003! You can now pre-register to take part in the convention which will feature: memorabilia swap, trivia games, tours of the Shania Twain Centre, guided nature walk, tour of sawmill, music music video social party, and more!
Go HERE for more information and to pre-register! See you all in Timmins this August!
Click to read more on the Fan Convention!

Mar. 21, 2003-Shania Centre Fans Convention-Aug.7-10! It's now official! The First Shania Fans Convention organized at the Shania Twain Centre in Timmins will take place between Aug. 7 to Aug. 10! The Timmins Daily Press has published today an article on the Convention titled "Shania likely to return home this summer," the newspaper talks about the plans for the convention: "The first-ever Shania Twain fan convention set tentatively for Aug. 7, may have the superstar herself attending. 
Timmins Tourism and Attractions manager Will Saari revealed negotiations are ongoing with Twain’s managers for a date to visit her hometown before her concert tour begins in the fall.
We’re having a tough time planning the convention until we know when she’s available,” Saari said. “She has said she’s coming for a visit in 2003." To read the full article, go HERE! For updated information on the Fan Convention, be sure to read the Shania Centre website!

Mar. 11, 2003-Details on Shania Fans Convention! The Shania Twain Centre in Timmins has released the first details regarding the First Shania Fans Convention that will take place in Timmins this summer. Among the first ideas there are: "Memorabilia Swap, Dance and Social, Nature Walk, Trivia Game / Tour of Timmins High School, Tour of City, Gold Mine Tour, Shania Twain Centre Tour, Shania Twain Amateur Night/Lip-Sync Contest/Fashion Show, Tree Planting on Site. "To read more about the Fans Convention and to make suggestions to the Centre, go HERE

Feb. 20, 2003-NEW Shania Centre's Merchandise! "The Shania Twain Centre's official website is now offering new Shania merchandise: "Shania's Waltz Sheet Music composed by Geoffrey J. Lee, Commissioned by the City of Timmins, (Only 62 available - collector's item)." You need to hurry UP!: they have a limited number of copies! Get it HERE!
The Shania Centre has also introduced the "Shania Twain Centre VIP Card" for All Super Shania Fans: "Value - $25.00 Canadian. This card entitles you to the following discounts on regular priced items only. Valid for 1 year from date of purchase. Thank you for supporting the Shania Twain Centre.
- Free Shania Twain Centre Tours
- 10% discount on Gold Mine Tour
- 10% store discount on non-consignment items
- Reduced rates on hall rentals
Call 705-360-8500 for more details." For more information, go HERE! Thank YOU Shania Twain Centre

Shania Waltz Music Sheet

Shania Centre VIP card
Shania Twain Centre: VIP Card!

Jan. 27, 2003-First Shania Fans World Convention! The Shania Twain Centre and the city of Timmins have announced the very first Shania Fans Convention in Timmins for August 2003! "- By the time the My Hometown Campaign gains full momentum, people the world over will have even more reasons to visit Timmins - including the first ever convention for Shania Twain fans from around the world." To read the full article from the Timmins Daily Press, go HERE!
The Shania Twain Centre is asking for your ideas! "The Shania Twain Centre Fan Convention Committee is looking for suggestions. Please let us know about any ideas for events/displays that you would like to see for the convention." For more information and to let them know what ideas you have for the First Shania Fans Convention, go HERE

Click to let the Shania centre know what you want to have at the Convention!

Dec. 30, 2002-The Success of UP! Shania Twain's new album UP! is doing very well in Canada according to an article in the Timmins Daily Press "Shania Twain’s CD Up! is the hottest thing going right now." Joyce Hunter talked with Will Saari of the Shania Twain Centre in Timmins about the success of UP!: "“Her CD was released with both pop and country versions as a single-priced package,” he said. “It takes a couple of days to track sales, but she hit No. 1 virtually as soon as her CD came out and has been first for the last three weeks that I’m aware of.” Click HERE to read the full article!

Photo from the Timmins Daily Press Website.
Click to Enlarge! Thank you Timmins Press Website!

Click to Enlarge! Image from the Shania Twain Centre Site!Dec. 14, 2002-Shania Twain Centre Postcards! The Shania Twain Centre in Timmins is now selling a set of 8 exclusive postcards (click on the image to the right to enlarge) : "8 Postcards - $5.75 + shipping Call Toll Free 1-800-387-8466 or 1-705-360-8500 for more info email"! Add them to your 5 Shania collection! 
Also, do not miss the opportunity to buy the "Timmins On Board" game with questions on Timmins and the Shania Twain Centre: this version of the monopoly is a MUST for every Shania fan! Get to know Shania and Timmins better with the Centre's postcards and the Timmins Board Game! 

Click to Enlarge! Thanks Corinna!Nov. 20, 2002-UP! Release Party at Shania Centre! The Shania Twain Centre had an official release party for Shania's new album on November 18: Timmins radio station EZRock has organized a CD release party at the Shania Centre on Monday night where 99 lucky winners got a free copy of "Up!", a free tour of the centre, and were treated to some refreshments! But the lucky people were also the first ones to see a new outfit on display in the lobby of the Shania Twain Centre...guess which outfit...yep the 2002 CMAs Outfit is already there on display as shown here on the left! Thanks Corinna and Dave! Congrats to those 99 winners! For more photos of the release party, check out the Shania Twain Centre website!
The Shania Centre was again the Shania Place to be in Timmins on November 19: EZRock aired from the Centre all day long, and over 400 copies of the new CD were sold in one day! The Timmins Daily Press website has posted an article on the release day at the Centre: "Timmins getting Shania good. By Debbie Pell Local News - Shania mania is the only way to describe the pace of sales for Shania’s new CD Up!, released Tuesday. 
While sales were well over the 300 mark by day’s end at the Shania Twain Centre, and more than 100 at AVE Entertainment in the Timmins Square, both Zellers and Wal-Mart sold out their entire stock. Diane Lapointe, store manager for AVE entertainment, described sales as unprecedented. “I’ve never seen a big seller like this in one day and I’ve been here for 22 years,” said Lapointe." Click HERE to read the full article! 

Photo taken from the Timmins Daily Press website!

Nov. 16, 2002-Single on Sale in Timmins! The Timmins Daily Press has posted an article on Shania's new single "I'm Gonna Getcha (Good)" being for sale in Timmins: the Shania Twain Centre has also been selling the new single: "It's here! And it's red hot! International country music superstar Shania Twain launched her single Tuesday, and it can now be found at select locations throughout Timmins. "This CD is really worth listening to because of Shania's very unique and catchy style," said Tracy Hautanen, customer service manager for the Shania Twain Centre. "It carries a fresh new sound and is not available in the United States." Read the full article HERE!

Click to Enlarge! Thank you Daily Timmins Press!Oct. 26, 2002-Shania's Performance on Fame Academy! The Timmins Daily Press website has posted an article on Shania Twain's participation in the BBC1 Show Fame Academy: "Shania Twain performs on BBC program. Timmins' sweetheart is serving more notice to the world she is back. Friday, one more significant step was taken in quest to top the music charts once again.
Twain was special guest of the BBC's Fame Academy TV Show and early reports indicate she was a smash hit. 
Twain's new album, UP!, expected to be available in mid-November, is the much anticipated follow-up to Come On Over, which is the most successful female solo artist album ever with world-wide sales exceeding 35 million. Twain also plans to start pre-production for a new tour early next year." Click HERE to read the full article!

Oct. 5, 2002-Shania's New Single & Timmins! The Timmins Daily Press website has posted an article on Shania's new single: "Shania's new tune getting lots of attention. It appears Shania Twain's new tune is one of significant note. Employees at Timmins radio stations and the Shania Twain Centre were busy Friday fielding calls about "I'm Gonna Getcha Good," Twain's first new tune in five years. Both Tim Matheson, program director for Moose FM, and Dave McLaughlan, director of promotions for EZ-Rock/Q92, said the local stations were inundated with calls about the new release. The consensus from the two radio station officials is listeners love the new release." Click HERE to read the full article! Let's them know how we like the song, instead of bombarding them with calls, leave messages in the STC guestbook!

Oct. 3, 2002-Shania Twain Centre Website: New Info! The official website of the Shania Twain Centre in Timmins has just updated its intro image (seen here to the left) as well as the news info! Check out Shania's schedule from the Centre's website news page!

Sep. 1, 2002-New Fall Hours for Shania Centre! The Shania Twain Centre and the Timmins GoldMine will switch to Fall opening hours as of September 3, 2002. 
"For the benefit of the travelling public, the Timmins Gold Mine Tour and Shania Twain Centre will be open Labour Day, Monday September 2nd, from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. with Gold Mine Tours scheduled at 10:30 A.M. & 1:30 P.M. 
Both facilities will be closed on Tuesday September 3d, so that we may switch to our Fall and Winter schedule.
As of that date the Gold Mine Tour will be offered from Wednesday to Sunday at 10:30 A.M. and 1:30 P.M.
The Gold Mine Tour will be closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Final date of operation for the Gold Mine Tour for the 2002 season will be October 31st.
Hours of operation for the Shania Twain Centre will also be Wednesday to Sunday 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.  Closed Monday and Tuesday.
Group Tours of both facilities are available at any time by prior arrangement.
For more information please call the Timmins Underground Gold Mine Tour or the Shania Twain Centre at (705) 360-8500."
In addition, the city of Timmins has just opened the new official website: with a new design and more information available to plan your visit to Timmins, Shania's Hometown!

Birthday flowers sent in by the Shania Twain North American Online Fan Club!Aug. 28, 2002-Shania Centre Celebrates!! On Aug. 28, 2002 the Shania Twain Centre in Timmins has celebrated Shania's birthday with a party at the Centre. A birthday cake with the Centre logo, a huge birthday card for Shania and games have been prepared for the guests. Here below you can view some of the photos posted at the Shania Centre website, where you can view all the other photos of the event! Thank YOU Shania Centre and Timmins! 

Click on the images to download a larger version! 
All photos taken from the Shania Twain Centre website!

The Birthday Cake! The Birthday Card!

Aug. 17, 2002-Shania's New CD News Hits Timmins! The website of the Timmins Daily Press has reported the news on the announcement made by Mercury Records official website on Aug, 12 (later retracted) that Shania's new CD will be released on Nov. 12. 
"Shania's new CD promises to be a sound investment. Shania's new CD promises to be a sound investment to boost tourism figures She's still Timmins' country sweetheart. And should Shania Twain go on a concert tour to support her new album Up!, she would be welcome to perform in Timmins, said Coun. Tom Laughren. "I would think Shania would always be welcomed to perform in Timmins," Laughren said, adding no special invitation has been made recently. "If it was her wish to perform in Timmins during a possible tour, we'd love to have her stop here. We'd be crazy not to." The last time Twain performed in Timmins — a Canada Day show in 1999 — more than 20,000 fans packed Hollinger Park to hear her belt out her countless hit singles." To read the full article, go HERE

July 24, 2002-Shania Center Gets Makeover! The Shania Twain Centre in Timmins has now added new exhibits to the Centre. Among the many dresses worn by Shania the fans can see the ones used for her videos, her last public appearance at the 2000 CMA and her wedding dress! The Timmins Daily Press had this article on the new exhibits: "The Shania Twain Centre has had a make-over dedicated to matrimony. "We have an entire display devoted to (Twain's) wedding, with the actual wedding dress, some wedding photos, and all the accouterments -— like the earrings, shoes, and gloves," said Will Saari, Tourism and Events co-ordinator. Since the centre opened July1, 2001, visitors have relayed one main message — stock up on "Shania memorabilia," Saari said. And that is exactly what the centre employees did. Other developments include an exhibit highlighting the album cover of Twain's first big CD shot in Timmins." Click HERE to read the full article and click HERE to read a detailed description of the new exhibits written by fans who have visited the Centre recently! 

(Aug. 2001-Aug. 2002)