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2003 Shania Desktop Calendar!
Dear Shania Twain North American Online Fan Club members: you can now download the Fan Club's Official 2003 Shania Desktop Calendar, designed by our great member and Super Shania Fan Cbspock as a zipped file! Click HERE or on the image below to save the 2003 Shania calendar images on your computer, then unzip the file to use the month images for your desktop calendar. Once you see the image for the calendar month on your screen, right click on your mouse, and select "Set as Wallpaper". All images are in 1024X768 resolution only. If you are interested in downloading the 8X10 format print version of the calendar, send us an email at: You can print it out on photo paper! It looks great! Enjoy all the months! :) To see the 2002 Shania Desktop Calendar, click HERE! Go HERE for the 2004 Desktop Calendar! The tradition goes on...

Click to download zipped file!

Note: The images in the 2003 zipped file can be used by Fan Club members only and can never be used for monetary purposes, unless the Fan Club has explicitly agreed to. Thank you!