2000 M6 Awards - Shania Best International Female Vocalist of the Year!
Enjoy Shania thanking in French the 2000 M6 Awards for naming her the "Best International Female Vocalist of The Year ." In a short clip, which it looks like it was taped at Shania's Swiss home recording studio, she thanks the M6 Awards, her record label, and the fans: "Bonjour, je ne parle pas tres bien le francais, mais, j'aimerais le faire quand meme. Donc, heu excusez mes erreurs s'il vous plait. Je remercie M6 Awards, heu., ma maison de disque et tout, heu.., specialement les fans". (Translation: "Good Morning, I do not speak French very well, although I would really want to be able to. So, please excuse my mistakes. I thank M6 Awards, my record label, and everyone...especially the fans.") Click HERE to view the clip! (Thanks SO MUCH Stephanie!)

Enjoy here below two groups of Video Captures from that "Thank You" video: the first group of captures was made by the Only Vid-Cap Master on the Internet: WING! Once again he has showed us he can make good quality caps from a poor quality video..:) A HUGE Thanks to WING! The second group of video captures/collage was provided to this site by Damian! A HUGE Thanks! NOTE: Wing's video captures below are copyrighted by the STUSOFC and WING, and cannot be reproduced without explicit permission from this webmaster. Thank you.